Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quirky home insurance claims revealed

UK homeowners are making all sorts of weird and not so wonderful claims on their home insurance policies, as revealed by Lloyds TSB Insurance.

Ameriprise Financial Renames Insurance Companies Under the ...

Five subsidiary insurance companies consolidated and renamed RiverSource Life Insurance Company and RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

The Medical Insurance Roller Coaster

It's that time of year once again to start the deductible roller coaster on your health insurance, if your insurance is like most that run on a calendar-year deductible.

How do I Lower My Auto Insurance Rates?

Resources Driver Education Lesson Plan Driver Education Line Driver Education Michigan This article courtesy of How do I Lower My Auto Insurance Rates?

Congress should focus on expanding health insurance coverage

Health care opinion leaders are optimistic about health insurance coverage and cost goals, also favoring increasing levels of recommended care Americans receive, curbing inappropriate services.

Health Insurance Small Business Self Employed

Health insurance, having enough and being able to afford it, is one of the most nagging concerns for those who leave corporate America to run their own business.

Asia Travel Insurance - Don't Forget the Credit Card

When traveling to Asia everyone recommends that you have travel insurance when you come, this is especially true for Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Seeking Solutions to the Health-Insurance Quandary

Mentioned: Medicaid, Bais Health Plan, National Federation of Independent Business Nationwide, an estimated 47 million people — including nearly 600000 Washingtonians — lack health insurance and as the state Legislature convenes today, ...

Week 24 Close: The Single Life, Cankles and New Insurance

Look at that--three posts in a week. I'm getting prolific! Big news here is that Mister Lyrehca went out of town for a week for a work conference.

Consider Your Insurance Renewal Dates Carefully

This is commercial insurance advice... The most popular renewal date for business insurance programs is January 1. The first of July is also popular.